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We are so very thankful for the blessings we have received personally and professionally. As a token of our appreciation, we want to use the proceeds of this website to do something to give back to the community, that can help make a difference in the lives of some of the less fortunate. At the end of every year, ALL of our profits, (after expenses and taxes), will be donated to Jill's House, Inc. which is building a respite center that will provide a nurturing environment for children with disabilities at (our local) "McLean Bible Church" located in Northern Virginia. We feel that everybody needs a crusade. This is ours. It's so easy to think, "How can I as an individual make a difference?" Well, working together we can. This is a very worthy cause and I hope that over time, we can make a difference. If you happen to know anyone getting married and in the need for wedding invitations, send them to OR...If you know someone expecting a baby and need birth announcements, send them to BirthAnnouncements4Baby All of our proceeds from those sites go to support Jill's House.

Vision of Jill's House
Jill's House is a Christian Organization dedicated to providing care and support to children with special needs and their families through overnight respite and therapy programs.

The Story of Jill's House
Shortly after birth, Jill Solomon developed a seizure disorder which caused her to suffer thousands of seizures over the years, leaving her mentally and physically disabled, completely dependent on others for every aspect of her life, and demanding round-the-clock care. Jill's parents, Lon and Brenda Solomon, were fortunate to find caregivers who helped the family cope and provided physical, spiritual, and emotional support. After seeing the difference that respite care made in their lives, Lon and Brenda wanted to make ensure that other families had the same opportunity. In an attempt to give other families an opportunity for respite, Lon Solomon started Access Ministry at McLean Bible Church where he is Senior Pastor. Access began with four children in a Sunday school class and now serves several thousand families with church and community based programs including Sunday school, parent support and training sessions, summer camp, sibling events and respite programs.

Jill's House was founded by Lon and Brenda in 2003 with the intent of building on the success of Access Ministry by offering short term overnight respite care and community support to hundreds of families per year. After several years of research and fundraising, Jill's House has been blessed with tremendous progress over the last couple of years. Jill's House has raised over $8 million become an integrated auxiliary of McLean Bible Church and has broken ground on construction. The dream of Jill's House is now within plain sight.

"At Jill's House, it will be our goal to care for children with disabilities the way Jesus Christ would care for them. These children are a gift from God. It will be an honor and a privilege to serve them and their families." Brenda and Lon Solomon, Founders, Jill's House, Inc.

The Need for Respite
The American Psychological Association reports that there are approximately 18 million children in the U.S. that have developmental, physical, and or behavioral disabilities that significantly strain parental resources. Without essential services, the families of these special children face astounding challenges and stress at home and in the workplace. Up to 80 percent of families will experience divorce as compared to a national average of 41 percent.

Professionally, over 10 percent of wage earners in these families will have to leave their jobs, over 15 percent decline jobs or promotions, and approximately 42 percent do not receive basic benefits such as paid sick leave and vacation time, leaving them without the means and time off to care for their child. The financial impact is not only felt by the families. Employers also sustain high losses. According to a survey by the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company in 1997, U.S. employers lose between $11.4 to $29 billion per year because of decreased productivity from employees trying to cope with the stress of being caregivers.

Respite care is a remedy for the emotional, physical and financial hardships that special needs families endure and is the most frequently requested support service. Often called the "gift of time" respite provides short-term care of people with disabilities while allowing the usual caregiver necessary rest and relief and an opportunity to spend time with their other family members.

Despite the vital importance of respite care and the high number of children with disabilities in the U.S., there are few options available to the families of these children. According to the ARCH National Respite Network, nearly 1500 families are turned away from respite and crisis care on a weekly basis because of lack of resources.

Meeting the Need
Jill's House will provide children ages 5-17 with varying physical, emotional and intellectual disabilities overnight respite and integrated therapies. Jill's House will be staffed with qualified caregivers who meet educational and state licensing requirements and trained volunteers.

Here is a link: Jill's House to the center's home page.